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       By practicing alone you can become excellent musicians, especially if you are able to concentrate on your tasks, but when you start playing together with others your musical education will benefit enormously as well as guaranteeing guaranteed fun…


    The Roles

    Playing together with other musicians doesn’t necessarily mean smashing each other’s eardrums with the amplifier volumes at maximum (at least not right away):you can start making some music together with another guitarist, for example, and see what happens .

    You will soon realize that playing two instruments in the same way (with or without two voices singing the same text or melody) will get boring rather quickly. Two guitarists rehearsing together almost instinctively begin to take on different roles, playing complementary parts and possibly harmonizing the vocal ones: when this happens, you are starting to create an arrangement.


    To each his own


          The list of acoustic classics with interesting guitar parts, from simple duets like the Stones’ Wilde Horses and Guns N’ Roses’ Patience, to more complex two-guitar intros like I’ve Just Seen a Face, is practically endless. What they have in common is the fact that the musicians collaborate with the aim of building sounds that work, both thanks to well-written and corresponding parts, and because somehow the composition creates an atmosphere that transmits unique emotions to the listener.

    The most useful tools to achieve something valid by playing with other musicians are the ears (listening skills) and communication; for example when you work on your own composition, you give free rein to your personal creativity, without however criticizing the ideas of others too much. When you meet the ideal musicians to form the nucleus of a band, you will understand it immediately.


    Form a group


        How many famous groups do you know whose personnel never changed from their inception until their decline? It has happened to some, but generally a band is forced to make numerous changes before finding the right lineup. Furthermore, if your technical skills have already advanced to the point that the rest of the group requires a high technical level, you may be forced to recruit other musicians outside of your close circle of friends.




    Finding the right partners


         Many bands are formed between neighborhood friends or classmates who share the same musical interests. A beginner, however, will do well to broaden his possibilities by also looking at different schools and elsewhere. Actively participating in musical initiatives even outside your city could prove to be a winning choice as well as asking the musicians you know and appreciate most if they are available to play with you or trying to participate in some sessions with other groups. Always present yourself as seriously motivated musicians who intend to start a band with other equally determined people. If you have organizational skills and business acumen, let these qualities shine through, which many professional-level musicians appreciate. And, logically, we must try to play well, otherwise all the good intentions will not stand up to the test of facts.


    Get serious


         More experienced musicians can consult advertisements in sector magazines and on the Internet, to participate in auditions or to look for other colleagues. If you already have a band the situation is simplified as the other musicians will contact you. Scrupulously examine potential suitors, but always treat them with respect, even if they aren’t right for you. In the end you will be able to form a promising group from a musical point of view, capable of at least giving you an opportunity to have fun and go some distance together. At that point you will be ready to start trying.

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